MOT Testing & Repairs

MOT TestT&T Motor Services are a Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) authorised test station. Our staff have been trained by VOSA and test results are regularly monitored to ensure their accuracy and quality.

For most cars a test is required when the car is three years old and every year from then on. (The requirement is different for passenger carrying vehicles, such as taxis)

Cars registered before 1960 do not require an MOT test. However, you may still want to get your vehicle checked for safety. Older cars have different requirements to more modern vehicles. If you have an older or classic car come and talk to the specialists.

To book your MOT test please call 01865 396306.

What if your vehicle fails the MOT test?

If your vehicle should fail the MOT test we can offer a complete service to get you safely back on the road as quickly and economically as possible.

This includes not only mechanical repairs but welding and remedying of corrosion problems.

All work is carried out to the highest standards by experienced professionals.

If you have an MOT problem call us and we will be pleased to discuss this with you with no obligation.

If you have a classic car then click here for more about our specialist service.

Is the MOT genuine?

If you are considering buying a car you can check the validity
of the MOT at